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A C# Unity script to add to game object you want to be a player with first person move and look controls. You can also jump. step 1. add script to game object step 2. make camera child of player game object step 3. tell script (through inspector window) what the child camera object is


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input settings file that works with up to 2 gamepads written by Omarvision. Put the file in your unity ../ProjectSettings/ folder. You may have to reopen your Unity project to take effect


dynamic navmeshes can be built at runtime.

Dynamic Navmesh - Download or GitHub

Build navmeshes dynamically from script at runtime. Drag and drop downloaded files into assets folder in Unity project to use

  • NavMeshSurface - added to gameobject, can build navmesh from script
  • NavMeshModifier - added to gameobject, build navmesh around object
  • NavMeshObstacle - added to gameobject, dynamically updates navmesh with carve property.

Unity Packages

Multiplayer Download

TPose Animate Download

First Person Download

3D Fighter Download

Zoe Fighter Download

need to add 2D animationpackage

Mr Peabody Download

need to add 2D animation package

TagURIT3 Racing Download

Olivia Maze Download

makes 2D maze via script

MakingRacing Download

a racing game prototype

2d fighter Download

pieces of 2d sprites, for sprint bone animation

Transform To Target Download

3D Walking Adventure Download