Get Started

I need a laptop

I am serious, any laptop will do. I brought my daughter a $129 laptop with 64gb memory and it ran Unity well enough. Of course the more powerful the laptop, the better but when your on a tight budget this works. There may also be a spare laptop available if needed. Feel free to contact Mr. Santiago for advice on the latest laptops before making a purchase.

I need a mouse

A mouse helps navigate in Unity and is used as a game control too. It's optional, but recommended you also get a PC Gamepad (joystick) . The logitech PC gamepad sells in Target for about $20. The campers will learn how to code for a gamepad (joystick) and well as mouse and keyboard input.

I need an email account

There are plenty of free assets available online that we can use for our game development and programming. You can also use an email to signup and stayup to date with the latest Game Camp news.