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When and Where will the next game camp be?

We are always looking for new venues. Would you like to host an Omarvision Game Camp? We would like to be hosted and meet new faces. A suitable location should have tables with seating for several students with laptops, and wifi.

Also, planning on having two different level game camps from now on. Level 1 will be focused more on using Unity making a game with scripts I provide the students. Level 1 is for the 4th graders mainly. The younger age campers have trouble keeping up typing code. Level 2 will be for the older campers that can "type code" a little better. Level 2 will get deeper into the C# code and Visual Studio usage

Setup your own computer at home

Unity is the #1 indie developer game engine.

Unity comes with Microsoft Visual Studio which is used to write the C# scripts that give behaviour to your gameobjects.

If you are installing Unity on a Mac (not PC) then Unity also comes with Monodevelop to make code scripts for your gameobjects.

Get get get

Try tutorials at home

  • Laptop - WiFi capable WINDOWS or MAC
  • Mouse - to use software tools
  • Email - to get free software

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All Tools are free!

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Play GameCamp Games

  • Right Here on this site!
  • Unity can make games for
    • Internet
    • Computers
    • XBox
    • Playstation
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets

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