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For 4th Graders and Up

Kids Write Real Code

Using Industry Standard Technology

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Jan 2020 - 3rd thru Feb 1st

at #1 Martial Arts School

Fri 7pm, Sat 11am

Setup your own computer at home

Unity is the #1 indie developer game engine.

Unity comes with Microsoft Visual Studio which is used to write the C# scripts that give behaviour to your gameobjects.

If you are installing Unity on a Mac (not PC) then Unity also comes with Monodevelop to make code scripts for your gameobjects.

Get get get

Try tutorials at home

  • Laptop - WiFi capable WINDOWS or MAC
  • Mouse - to use software tools
  • Email - to get free software

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All Tools are free!

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Play GameCamp Games

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  • Unity can make games for
    • Internet
    • Computers
    • XBox
    • Playstation
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets

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